Rosa Barquero art therapy teacher


Dedicated professionally to Art Therapy since 2008, I have directed and developed various Art Therapy intervention projects, primarily in the child and youth sector, in educational institutions, with young migrants, and in situations of social exclusion. I work as a teacher, supervisor, and academic coordinator in the Postgraduate and Master’s program in Art Therapy at Metàfora, Centre d’Estudis d’Artteràpia (Barcelona), since 2014. I have collaborated with non-profit organizations such as La Casa Amarilla and The Red Pencil, directing and developing Art Therapy projects in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Ecuador. I was a member of the first Board of Directors of FEAPA (Spanish Federation of Professional Art Therapy Associations) representing ATe (Spanish Professional Association of Art Therapists) between 2010 and 2018, and I held the position of President of FEAPA in 2018.

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