Blended format this year:
· Online block: First week (20th to 23rd of July)
· On-campus block: Second week (27th to 31st of July)



· Studio Arts Program & Foundation course in Art Therapy
· 19th of October to the 27th of November 2020


Art Therapy courses in Barcelona

For almost 20 years Metàfora has attracted an international community of students from all over the world for its courses and workshops in Art and Art Therapy.

Housed in an old charismatic factory complex, Metàfora’s Art Therapy department offers a wide range of courses from introductory level to an independent university level MA degree. Although most courses of art therapy are taught in Spanish, several of them are offered in English: Have a look here for more information on Art and Process, Easter Intensive, Diploma in Art Therapy (Postgraduate Level) and the Summer Intensive

Easter Intensive

(Foundation Course in Art Therapy)

Easter Intensive and an excellent occasion to see first hand the potential of the art making to get to explore the inner world as well as the first step of a further training in Art Therapy.

Like the rest of Metàfora’s courses it is  both an introduction to the world of Art Therapy and an opportunity to meet like-minded people.

The teachers of Easter Intensive are also teachers of the Master in Art Therapy, art therapists working as clinitians in different institutions, all of them members of the ATe (Spanish Professional Association of Art Therapists).

Easter Intensive 2021: 26th, 27th & 28th of March

Summer Intensive

(Foundation Course in Art Therapy)

The Summer Intensive Program gathers people with different backgrounds but shared interests in art, art therapy and psychology.  While some may be considering to enrol in an art therapy training other may just want to dive into an experiential learning experience of  art and therapy.

The Summer Intensive is structured similarly to a conference with different activities like: art workshops, experiential groups, theoretical talks, case presentations, etc taking place simultaneously through the day.

Barcelona’s cultural activity in July adds to the course providing an exceptional and unique cultural background.

Summer Intensive 2020: from the 20th to 31st of July

Art & Process

(Foundation Course in Art Therapy)

The Art & Process program like the Summer Intensive gathers students from all over the world. Some students may be considering to later apply to an MA in art therapy in Spain or in other countries, some other may just wish to explore their own creative process in more depth, and many more are interested in acquiring both, a basic knowledge in art therapy and a better understanding of their own art making process.

A&P is a six week F/T course which combines the basics of an art therapy foundation course plus an extensive guided art making practice. Students are assing a personal tutor and given a private studio space where to develop their own work. They share many activities like workshops, presentations, exhibitions, etc.  with the fine art students of the International workshop unit of Metàfora.

All students of A&P have a personal studio space, an individual tutor and access to all the classes in tools and techniques offered on the studio arts program. It is a chance to learn the basics of art therapy while having an intensive studio practice.

Art & Process: 19th of October – 27th of November 2020

Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy

(Postgraduate Level)

For almost 20 years Metàfora has attracted an international community of students from all over the world for its courses and workshops in Art and Art Therapy in Barcelona.

Housed in an old charismatic factory complex, Metàfora’s Art Therapy department offers a wide range of courses from introductory level to an independent university level MA degree.

We don’t have a final date to sign up for the Postgraduate in Art Therapy. The places (27-32) are covered when we receive the applications. Usually, all the places are covered around the finals of the spring. To sign up for the Postgraduate, it is necessary to fill in the registration form, attach all the necessary documents and pay the registration tax.

The theory, key piece in the course, serves as a complement to the experience. That has been acquired in the various spaces dedicated to it. Such as the experiential groups of Art Therapy, the role-play groups, the tutorials and the volunteers.

The course consists of different modules according to the theme they present. Though, they are not considered as separate subjects but as complements of the same teaching unit, Art Therapy.

Advanced Diploma: from the 20th of April 2020 to the 20th of June 2020


“…Thanks to the environment at Metàfora and the people involved with bringing it to life, I feel better equipped to pursue my goals in art (and in general) now than when I arrived in Barcelona…”

Aaron Salm, Massachusetts

 “… I loved the course – teachers are charismatic, each with a different style of communication with students. This really helped me to see myself from different angles, experiment and try new things, made ​​me feel that nothing is impossible…”

Choi Gui Rang, Korea


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