POSTGRADUATE LEVEL (online + on-campus)

Postgraduate Training in Art Therapy 

The Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy is an English speaking version of Metàfora’s 20 years old course “Postgrado en Arteterapia”.

The program is condensed into two blocks of intense, full time study: 5 weeks of online streaming with peers and teachers ending with a 3 week stay in Barcelona.

Online now
Summer in Barcelona

The creative process and a personal art practice is in the centre of all art therapy activities at Metàfora. This is why we have divided the course in two blocks: A corona safe module with both theoretical and practical work and a 3 week summer retreat in Barcelona with intensive art therapy workshops.


Metàfora’s courses in Art Therapy has attracted an international community of students from all over the world for the past 20 years. We collaborate with prestigious institutions from all over the world.
The blended nature of his course will in no way compromise the traditional quality of our courses: Reduced groups, realtime contact and weekly tutorials.