Metàfora is in collaboration with more than 200 public and private centers all around the globe. Most of them are located in Spain, as well as in other European countries like France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Belgium, and in other continents, such as America and Asia.

Currently, we are carrying out a multitude of intervention projects in centers as different as the Centre Penitenciari Can Brians, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Hospital Vall d’Hebron, the Belmarsh Prison in London, the Catalan Association for Parkinson’s Disease, SOS Children’s Villages Tenerife, ASPACE, etc.


You can see on the map below all the institutions we are or have been collaborating with. There are more than 240 centers in which Master’s in Art Therapy students are doing or have been doing their clinical internships.

Students implement various intervention projects throughout their clinical internships and we continue collaborating with each center to ensure that future art therapy students can do so as well. If you belong to a center, school or institution and you wish to become a part of our network and to receive art therapy interns, write to us at


The Master’s in Art Therapy at Metàfora fulfills an important social role in the community, with students providing voluntary psychiatric support to people of all ages and conditions. Hundreds of people from children to the elderly are benefiting from this type of help.

During their training, masters students (majority women) complete 600 hours of supervised interning by specialized personnel. Individual and group treatments are offered in weekly sessions and can be short term or long term (up to two years).