The Summer Intensive course is the equivalent of a ”Foundation Course in Art Therapy”, so that the credits compute for further complete training in Art Therapy.

At the end of the course, students get a certificate specifying the credits completed.It is designed for professionals from many areas (Fine Arts, Healthcare, Teaching, Social Work …) who want to have an approach to Art Therapy as a complement to their training and experience.

Aims and objectives

To learn the practical and theoretical foundations of art therapy. To acquire a broader vision of art as a means for self discovery. To exchange knowledge and experiences with people from all around the globe with similar interests and backgrounds.

Creative Community

It is not necessary to have a specific previous qualification in order to enroll on the Summer Intensive. It is advisable, however, to have some previous knowledge and/or experience in art, psychology or education.

Cultural Life

Barcelona’s intensive cultural life with its many museums, exhibitions, theater plays, concerts, etc. offer to our students an excellent background of contemporary art to make their learning experience complete.


All workshops and classes of the Summer Intensive have been specially designed to balance theory and practice in order not to make it too academic neither too entertaining. In Metàfora we believe learning must be an exciting experience in itself.


One cannot live without the other. The Summer Intensive enhances mentalisation processes to help re conciliating both processes in a way that can be both used to achieve a better understanding of ourselves and our context.


The title of a very influential book to the art therapy profession gives name to our teaching orientation. Art -as Winnicott said in his book- is where adults play. Like with children, play/art is an outstanding way to learn about reality.