Rocio Macias art therapy teacher


1993: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona (UB).
1993: CAP (Certificat d’Aptitud Pedagògica), ICE de la Universitat de Barcelona.
2001: Bachelor’s in Humanities, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).
2017: Master’s in Relational Art Therapy, Centre d’Estudis d’Art-Teràpia Metàfora (affiliated with ATE and FEAPA).
2017: Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher, IH + IL3 (UB).
2020: AICLE Avanzado (Integrated Learning of Content and Foreign Languages), DOQUA.

Child Sexual Abuse Intervention, Fundación Vicki Bernadet.
Introduction to Therapeutic Photography, Instituto 8, Barcelona.
Artificial Intelligence: Resources, Benefits, and Challenges, Fundació Universitària Martí l’Humà, Barcelona.

Neuroeducation and Creativity, DOQUA.

Culture and Arts at the Core of Educational Projects, MUTARE Educació, Barcelona.

Online Art Therapy, FORMATO, Madrid and Barcelona.
Resilience: Teaching in Tough Times, Cambridge Assessment English.

Grief Treatment in the Educational Context, Fundación AVES, Barcelona.
Gender Identity in Childhood and Adolescence, UIMP, Barcelona.

2022: Ajuntament d’Esplugues de Llobregat i Enjoy while Learning
Art Therapist for groups of young students in public primary schools in the municipality. Coordination with schools and families.

Since 2017:
Art Therapist in private practice and for institutions in Barcelona.
Third Vice President of FEAPA (Spanish Federation of Art Therapy Associations).
Conducts individual and group Art Therapy sessions, both in-person and online, in Spanish, Catalan, and English.
Co-founder of the “Itinerantes” Art Therapists Collective.
Creator of the “Mirador” Project and various Emotional Support Workshops through art for companies and institutions.

Since 2019: Centre d’estudis d’Art-Teràpia Metàfora, Barcelona
Facilitator and tutor for experiential Art Therapy groups.
Professor of Art Therapy Theory, Research Methodology, and Reading Groups in the context of Intensive Courses, Postgraduate, and Master’s programs. Conducts classes in international, in-person, online, and hybrid formats.

2019: Departament d’Educació, Generalitat de Catalunya
Teacher in AED (Home Educational Attention) with adolescents on temporary leave due to illness. Responsible for tutoring, preparing, and delivering classes. Manages and monitors students in collaboration with their original schools, families, and the Department of Education.

2016/17: l’EIP Gitanjali, Badalona
Art Therapist in Master’s internships. Providing support to children with educational and emotional difficulties within the school context. Coordinates with the school and families.

2015/17: ACAP Associació Catalana per al Parkinson, Barcelona
Art Therapist in Master’s internships. Providing care to Parkinson’s patients through co-art therapy groups.

2022 I Congreso Internacional de Terapias Artístico Creativas. Puerto Rico. Participación en la mesa redonda sobre Arteterapia en tiempos de pandemia.

2021 ¿Podéis oírme? Una experiencia con grupos de formación híbrida (online/offline) en arteterapia. Ponencia para el IV Congreso Nacional del Arteterapia Feapa. Sevilla Publicada en FEAPA:

2018 Interferencias: Un análisis de las conexiones entre el proceso creativo del artista y el del usuario de Arteterapia. Tesina final de Màster. Publicada en Inspira: Ate Inspira

Obra gráfica en diversas publicaciones como Calle 20, Metropolitan Magazine, Time Out; e ilustraciones de portada para editoriales como Applehead, Nuño Eds. e Indexbook, entre otras. Muestres de arte a nivel estatal e internacional.