Pedro Murua y Mariona Cañadas art therapy teacher


Mariona, a graduate in Art History from the University of Barcelona, and Pedro, trained in Textile Art and Sculpture Techniques at Escola Massana. Together, we explore the possibilities of textile and sculptural language in the field of contemporary visual arts.

In recent years, we have participated in various artistic residencies, such as the creative stay at Hørvævsmuseet (Museum of Linen and Weaving on the Danish island of Fyn, 2019), the Artistic Residence of Buen Vivir (Euskadi, 2021), and In-ruins, a residency project dedicated to the encounter between contemporary art and archaeology (Calabria, Italy, 2023), which have allowed us to explore and work with different materials and traditional processes.

We have taken part in festivals like l’Embarrat (Tàrrega, 2023) and Hilari(um), a festival of Land Art and ephemeral installations (Cardedeu, 2022). Our work has also been showcased in solo and group exhibitions, including the Mieses project (2022), exhibited at the Textile Museum and Documentation Center of Terrassa, produced with the support of Casa Aymat Espacio de Creación and the Sant Cugat City Council; the Tarragona Provincial Art Biennial (MAMT, 2023); and the exhibition Woven and Unwoven, curated by Espacio Intermedio gallery (Madrid, 2023), among others.

Simultaneously, we have conducted various workshops, activities, and talks related to textile language and construction in artistic practice. Currently, we are enjoying a creative stay at Casa Aymat in Sant Cugat del Vallès, where we continue our artistic exploration.