Harriet Sandilands art therapy teacher


Harriet is an art therapist, writer and educator. She studied at The University of Birmingham, Toulouse and finally at Metáfora where she qualified as an art therapist. She is a member of the ATE and an associate member of the BAAT and has continued to develop professionally through courses on Trauma- Informed Art Therapy, Mentalization and good Art Therapy practice online. Prior to becoming an art therapist, she worked as an educator and counselor for children, a creative writing teacher and a literacy specialist, as well as volunteering with elderly people, refugees, and people with mental illness. She currently works primarily with children, adults, people dealing with addiction, grief and anxiety. As well as her work in private art therapy practise (both in person and online) Harriet facilitates art therapy-informed creative writing groups and creates content for educators, using art to promote emotional wellbeing and enhance learning. She recently collaborated with the UN and WHO to deliver a series of workshops on Psychosocial Arts for volunteers working with Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. Harriet has had her own creative writing published in several small presses and journals.