Apply to the Art Therapy & Studio Arts course

You can fill in the form below or click on this link to open the form in a new window.

Please have a good look at the present instructions on how to apply and have all your material ready before you start filling in this form.

The sections of the application form

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

In this section all you need to do is state a valid email address to get started on the application.

Here you need to fill out your personal details. 

Note: We ask you for a skype account or if you do not have one, an account on Messenger or Whatsapp. If you do not have any of these, please indicate this in the form.

In this section you need to indicate which of the 4 options you are interested in applying for.

Please notice that the On-campus block only, is not available this year.

In this section we ask about your previous educational and professional experience.

This section also asks you to tell us what languages you speak. Remember that English is the teaching language and that a fluent understanding is necessary to be admitted to the course.

Note: It is a good idea to have your CV and motivation letter prepared before starting the form. Remember that we ask for brief texts of max 10 lines each.

Please tell us how you found us.
It is very helpful for us to know about your experience prior to the initial contact with our admissions team.

Section 6: I am also interested in applying to other courses in Metàfora

In this section we ask applicants whether they are interested in applying to one of the other courses that Metàfora offers. Metàfora will send you the application forms for the courses you are interested in.

The other courses are:

  • Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy
  • Art Therapy courses in Spanish
  • Foundation / Training Program in Studio Arts

Section 7: Previous art therapy training and portfolio

In this section we ask applicants to provide information about either they have completed a foundation course on art therapy. This section is also where we ask for an online portfolio or website.

Admission requirements for the Advanced Diploma:

  • It is necessary to have completed a Foundation course in Art Therapy at Metàfora or equivalent course somewhere else.
  • It is idea to have previous university training, although this is only a requirement for students who wish to continue their training to the Masters program in Art Therapy.
  • You must speak English fluent and read it without any dificulty.
  • You must be 21 or older

Section 8: Knowledge of Western Contemporary Art

In this section we ask applicants to describe their knowledge of contemporary Western art. Options are:

  • My knowledge is minimal
  • I have studied some
  • I am very familiar with contemporary Western art

Once you have submitted your application

The application process is fast at Metàfora. In most cases it will be max 3-5 days from when we receive your application to actual admission.

When your application has passed the admissions panel you will be prompted for an interview with the course director and/or academic coordinator. Usually, this interview will take 10 to 15 minutes and be conducted via Zoom. The time zone difference is taken into account, but we ask you to be flexible when arranging a time for the interview.

The interview is to inform us about your level and previous experience, but also to ensure that you will get maximum benefit out of your stay at Metàfora.